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Stand Alone Solar Systems

Benefits of off the grid

Also known as off – grid solar systems. There are generally only used in remote situations where running mains power is too expensive or not possible. At present the cost of buying and replacing batteries makes getting an off grid solar system not financially viable as you will not save any money on your power and will most likely be paying more.

Key features:

  • Power outages
  • Rise in power costs each year
  • Brown outs
  • Saving the environment

With modern technology, you are also able to configure a solar system to meet the needs of every off grid demand possible. It only depends on how much money you want to spend and how you design your loads in the house. SSE have an excellent understanding of stand alone solar systems and offer a free consultation service for people thinking about taking their house off grid. As these systems vary so much from job to job it is hard to estimate how much you might pay but a small stand alone system would cost around $15,000 and would run lights, fans and general power (no stove). The standard house with hot water, a stove and one air conditioner would cost around $29,000.

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